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Mariel Buckley brings the heat

Live music returns to the Radiant
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Photo by Sheena Zilinski

As the Flying Burrito Brothers used to sing, "Dim lights, thick smoke and loud loud music."

OK, maybe not the smoke part – but live music is back!

Whether you're ready for an EDM (electronic dance music) festival with thousands of sweaty people feeling the thump is absolutely your choice and more power to you. Some of us weren’t into large shows pre-COVID-19, however, most of us are definitely ready to hear and feel live music again. 

The Radiant knows this and are starting out strong with singer/songwriter Mariel Buckley, who will be doing two shows on July 18..  Although Buckley’s website says “the glow of mainstream music holds no appeal for this neo-noir highway star,” we think  Buckley’s buttery, velvet twang is just the smolder the mainstream needs. 

Buckley is no stranger to performing, and was supporting acts like Sarah Shook & the Disarmers, The Deep Dark Woods and k.d. Lang. But like most performers, Buckley had to take a pause during the pandemic.

She used this time to work on a new album that promises to “turn country fans on their heels and scoop up the dedicated indie subculture only a synthesizer away.” Maybe those EDM DJs will be dropping some Buckley beats at the next festival, we shall see when the album comes out. 

For now, Buckley is easing back into performing. 

"It’s like riding a bicycle,” Buckley tells us about performing again. “But the bicycle is on fire, and rusty. It’s an exciting and overwhelming feeling for sure – but better the pre-show jitters than sitting at home in an existential crisis!"

We hope for our sakes Buckley just brings her smolder and gorgeous melodic storytelling and leaves the burning bike at home. Although, it would be radiant. 

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