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National Indigenous Peoples' Day 2021

The Banff Centre and artsPlace's online events for National Indigenous Peoples' Day.
Father's Headdress


The pandemic has caused much suffering that saying there are any silver linings can feel patronizing to some people.

However, the collective consciousness has been “zoomed” into focus for many people. Coupled with social media and high-profile events, the inequities of colonialism have been pushed to the forefront.

Monday is National Indigenous Peoples' Day. It is a day of celebration, but also a heavy day with the recent discovery of bodies buried at residential schools.

Knowing there will likely be more found and that collective trauma is being repeated and heightened is all the more reason for people to get involved to unlearn and relearn. While the province is making its way to being fully open on July 1, there are still some virtual gatherings to help you unlearn, learn and celebrate this year’s National Indigenous Peoples' Day.

Last year, the Banff Centre’s virtual event drew more than 10,500 online visitors and this year they are better prepared and have an exciting lineup of activities. 

From yoga with Christine Friday to Caribou Hair Tufting with MJ Belcourt and knowledge keeper Gilbert Anderson along with films, panel discussions and more, the Banff Centre has a full day of free happenings. 


In partnership with artsPlace in Canmore, there will be an in person and virtual workshop with Stoney community member Travis Rider. This workshop will feature stories and teachings about animals that are important to the Stoney Nakoda people and the significance of the animals. It is a great kid friendly event. 

To learn more about these events visit the Banff Centre and artsPlace.

Also - make sure to check out the Banff Centre’s Indigenous Artists playlist here!