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#BowValleyLocals – Meet Your New Friends!

Calling out to all "locals"
BowValleyLocals Grid 51N

#BowValleyLocals is an initiative celebrating the people who call the Bow Valley home. It’s a way to share stories online, build connections, and get to know a safe and welcoming community.

“Wherever you’ve arrived from, you are welcome here,” states the website. “It’s important to remember the roles we each play in building a welcoming community.”

The initiative started in 2017, but relaunched in 2020.

Natasha Lay, Bow Valley Immigration Partnership (BVIP), explains it was a great time to reintroduce and reconnect locals, especially during a time of isolation and the pandemic.

"It’s been exciting to hear and see the different stories and see how it resonates," Lay said. "It shows people they are not alone even if they feel like it. During the pandemic people craved connection. Because we couldn’t have physical connection, online stories showed you are not alone. The community is here; you are well supported – even if you are from another country or another part of Canada.”

The recent #BowValleyLocal’s community week was a great success. Lay confirmed that 26 local events took place and more than 100 people participated. She and the BVIP look forward to next year’s community week and expect the event to continue to grow.

Meanwhile, feel free to take part in the online recipe exchange. Food is another great way to connect with the diverse community around you.

The initiative is open and flexible; you are invited to get in touch to discuss your ideas, events, or projects that help connect locals and businesses in the Bow Valley.

Connections are important. If you live in the Bow Valley area, please share your story and help build the community.