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Creative recycled bags at Banff Farmers Market

Kokoro and Mirai Honda's fresh take on sustainability
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Twin sisters Kokoro and Mirai Honda of Banff care about the environment.

Although they have only been on this planet for a little less than a decade – nine years, to be exact – they want to do their part and raise awareness on sustainability. 

Many youngsters find their entrepreneurial spirit in the summer by selling lemonade, but the Honda sisters have a modern take on another classic, yet faded summer job – a paper route. However, the Honda sisters don’t give out papers, but rather, reuse papers. 

image0 By Akiko Honda

The two have started selling bags made from recycled Rocky Mountain Outlook papers every Wednesday at the Banff Farmers Market. 

These sturdy bags are great for carrying fresh produce and are a better option than plastic bags. The handles are reinforced and can carry a few kilograms. The twins use about six sheets of paper per bag, which they make in sections. 

Next time you are at Banff Farmers Market, stop by and get a bag.