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Rocky Mountain Soap Co. wants you to start rubbing your armpits

Cream Deodorant, why not?
Sweat and smell fresh? Yes!

Yes, you heard correctly.

The Rocky Mountain Soap Company wants you to start rubbing your armpits and they have a good reason. 

“Touching your armpit is a good idea,” says Karina Birch. “It’s an intimate area, it allows us to sweat when we are active, but it also contains a network of our lymph nodes.” 

Lymph nodes are a super important function of the body because they house immune cells that are able to help fight infections. Keeping them happy will keep you happy.

Putting toxins into these areas isn’t the best idea. If you have ever had a deodorant lump, you’ll know what we are talking about. If you haven’t, a “deodorant lump” is a swollen lymph node that can be caused by antiperspirants or shaving. They can be painful and at the very least annoying. 

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That is one of the reasons why Rocky Mountain Soap Co. made their new deodorant cream to keep toxins out of these areas, but also to help you stay smelling fresh.

As for the rubbing, if you have ever had a lymphatic drainage massage, you will be familiar with the benefits. But if you haven’t, these types of massages can seem awkward at first, but can promote better circulation of the lymphatic system. Of course, rubbing your armpits with deodorant cream every morning isn’t a drain, but don’t knock it until you try it. 

Rocky Mountain Soap Co.’s cream deodorant comes in five scents: tea tree mint, lemongrass, neroli jasmine, spruce palo and vanilla sage. They are all aluminum and baking soda-free and the jars are made of 100 per cent PCR (post-consumer recycled plastic).

To learn more, visit: Rocky Mountain Soap Co.