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A Delicious Darkness

Canmore’s The Sensory is inviting diners to hand themselves over to the culinary team
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An excited buzz vibrates through a cozy space just off the main dining room. Couples and larger parties arrange their cutlery and water glasses and speculate about the sensory disruption they’re about to experience. In a few moments, the lights will dim and they will be asked to don their masks. This is no ordinary meal: this is dining in the dark

Unique in the Bow Valley, Canmore’s The Sensory is inviting diners to hand themselves over to the culinary team and embark on a journey of scent, flavour and texture with it’s new Dining in the Dark program. The experience requires a sense of adventure and a little bit of courage. Fortunately, guests are in excellent hands as the team guides you through every fork placement, wine pouring and plate clearing.

With a choice of vegetarian or carnivore meals, courses arrive at your table a complete mystery. With only touch, taste and smell to divine the delights on your plate, one might approach with a bit of trepidation at first. Many choose to test the waters with their fingers - some never go back to their utensils. Experiencing food in this way taps into one’s sense of play, and before long, you’re guessing ingredients, laughing as you put an empty fork to your mouth and scraping the bottom of the dish to make sure you get every last delicious morsel. 

At a trial run in December, an intrepid group of diners were treated to tender scallops, crispy arancini, tender ravioli, tofu done three ways and a dessert that celebrated strawberries in grand fashion. Wine pairings are also available and recommended. In this carefully-consideredmenu, nothing is too hot or too saucy or too messy to eat blindfolded and every dish offers a variety of flavours and textures to keep you guessing. Food sensitivities are determined ahead of time, so you can relax and enjoy the mystery.

Aside from the delicious food, one of the best things about this experience is the opportunity to put your phone away and really connect with the people you’re with. Let your server take the photos (yes, they’ll do that!) and experience your companion (and your dinner!) in a whole new way. It’s a must for date night.

Dining in the Dark will roll out in January 2022. Watch the website and social media for updates.

Camie Leard

Camie has a passion for music, food and the people who make them. A lifelong Calgarian, Camie brings 20+ years of experience telling stories about the area as an editor, communications professional and blogger. In her spare time, Camie is a painter and musician who is always looking for the next great meal.