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Baker Creek Bistro – A contemporary classic

Although Baker Creek Bistro is turning 72 years old this year, the style of cuisine is delectably contemporary. 
BC Spring Salmon

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There are many reasons to eat at the Baker Creek Bistro, from its scenic location on Highway 1A to its charming cabin vibe. However, the main reason you should eat at Baker Creek Bistro is to try the delicious new menu by their new chef Chris MacDougall. 

MacDougall, who has worked in various restaurants in Banff, brings a modern perspective to classic dishes. The new menu has all the usual suspects one would expect from Baker Creek – venison, lamb, rabbit – and everything is prepared in a fresh way that it doesn’t matter if it is 35 Celsius outside, you’ll enjoy these typically heartier fares. MacDougall doesn’t completely reinvent the wheel, he simply refines them, like how he adds heirloom cherry tomatoes to his “Hunter’s Sauce” for his Roast Chicken Supreme. Or how he uses a sunchoke puree with a juniper blueberry demi glaze to his rather sophisticated Rack of Venison. Still classic, just with a small modern twist. 

What we had.

To start, we tried the British Columbia Scallops with crisp red dot bacon, leek fondue, chives and leek ash. The scallops were flawlessly pan seared, but it was the delicious leek fondue that stood out. The fondue had a delicately robust flavour that was not overpowered by the bacon. 

For mains, we tried the B.C. Spring Salmon. With an excellent crispy skin, this salmon sits on an Alberta barley risotto and chef’s vegetables. Risotto might seem like a heavy dish for summer, but MacDougall’s risotto is light and elegant. The salmon and risotto palates pair perfect together. 

We also tried the Alberta Lamb Rack – yet another satisfyingly light course. The herb crusted lamb racks come with a crisp goat’s cheese polenta on top of a herbed yogurt sauce. The medley of textures from the herb crust, to the tender lamb to the crisp on the outside, soft on the inside polenta – are fantastic and delicious. 

For desert we had a white chocolate crème brûlée. The white chocolate flavour was a superbly subtle twist on a classic desert.

Although Baker Creek Bistro is turning 72 years old this year, the style of cuisine is delectably contemporary.