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Farm & Fire

Lighting up Banff with flavour
Farm & Fire

There is nothing new about the “farm to table” concept in North America, it has been around since the 60s and has been one of the fastest growing culinary trends in restaurants for the last decade. However, the Banff restaurant Farm & Fire, which opened in 2020, ignites a sense of newness with its clean and modern aesthetics and fresh feeling menu. 

Located in the Elk & Avenue Hotel, Fire & Fire’s fair is a product of the creative Chef David Rye, who brings robust flavours with simple ingredients. Utilizing 10 farms - the furthest located in Kuterra on Vancouver Island - Rye has developed a memorable menu this season.


IMG_1471Farm & Fire . By Becca Bryant


What we had. 

It is true, the pizza is amazing, and this is coming from someone who has been eating New York pizza for decades. Farm & Fire is also a good place to eat your vegetables. Although every option seems to be kissed with butter, we found out that the chef is accommodating those who are dairy free or vegan. We had the Purple Beets, a starter made with smoked crème fraiche, dried apricot & coffee gastrique and puffed quinoa. The gastrique makes this dish spark, with just a perfect crunch. But it was the Forno Carrots with honey labneh and hazelnut dukkha that pushed us into a flavour explosion party. A must have! 

For our mains, we tried the half-chicken from the rotisserie that was evenly cooked and tender. We also tried the Albacore Tuna Tartare fermented garlic, fresh and pickled radish on grilled bread. This tartrate presented a unique combination of subtle flavours. 


IMG_1455Farm & Fire . By Becca Bryant


We finished off the meal with a Baked “Alberta” - Farm & Fire’s take on a Baked Alaska - made with maple & walnut ice-cream, meringue and rum flambé, this delectable dessert really took the cake! Not too sweet, all aspects of the dish continued the theme of Farm & Fire. 

We highly recommend Farm & Fire and look forward to their new seasonal menu that comes out on April 22. We should also mention that Farm & Fire has a 50% Happy Hour menu on Monday - Friday from 4pm - 5pm  and a local’s special on Sunday (50% off the whole tab when you order a bottle of wine and flatbread.)