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Farm & Fire Restaurant

Remarkably Simple

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Remarkably simple. That is how Farm & Fire Restaurant describes themselves and they are not wrong. 

Set inside the Elk + Avenue Hotel in Banff, Farm & Fire Restaurant’s interior gives a fresh and airy modern farmhouse. And for the food, farm to table classic ranch style dishes with fresh culinary twists. In other words – remarkably simple. 

To fully appreciate Farm & Fire Restaurant, you have to experience both brunch and dinner. And to go with the flow of the day, we will start with brunch. 

What we had. 

Although Farm & Fire is known for its rotisserie chickens, they do not forget about vegetarians. Their lean mean veggie machine “brunch bowl'' is a hearty dish layered with robust natural flavours. Two eggs on top of avocado, roasted carrots and perfectly roasted garlic and herbed roasted potatoes, the brunch bowl is finished with feta cheese and chickpea dukkah (Farm & Fire’s signature garnish).

These “brunch bowls” vary from veggie to lamb, salmon, pulled BBQ pork and of course rotisserie chicken. 

Moving to the dinner menu, we started with the mushroom pan-loaf. The menu says “must try – trust us” with very little explanation, we did and they were right. The mushroom pan-loaf is fantastic fluffy and light. It is a must. 

We also tried the duck and chicken liver pâté with onion preserve and a fresh baguette. This pâté is also light and not overpowering, while the onion preserve adds texture and just a hint of complimentary sweetness.  

For our mains we tried the braised and glazed beef ribs with a gold mustard dip. Again – remarkably simple. The subtle flavours of the tang of mustard and luscious glaze on the elegantly cooked ribs was lovely. 

We also tried the Moroccan spiced lamb flatbread. Topped with tomatoes, ricotta and mint yogurt  – this pizza is loaded with flavours. Since we are on the subject of pizza, Farm & Fire is still offering their Monday night locals’ special which is half off of flatbreads after 5 p.m. – a special we plan to fully take advantage of!