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Great Graze

Tucked into a cute location on Main Street, Graze is one of those cool little spots that quickly becomes a favourite.
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Doesn’t the word graze conjure a specific mood? We imagine a leisurely munch of fresh ingredients among friends - bovine or otherwise. You couldn’t more perfectly describe a meal at Canmore’s Graze. Tucked into a cute location on Main Street, Graze is one of those cool little spots that quickly becomes a favourite. 

Opened in 2016, Graze came under new ownership this past June. The culinary team, affectionately known as “Raj and Simran” remained at the helm in the kitchen and guided the new team through one of the busiest summers on record in 2021. 

Known for its exceptional breakfast, Graze offers something for every taste from the classic bacon and eggs to a great selection of hearty breakfast poutines to a delicious lineup of bennies. We started with the Farm Fresh Bennie which combined two medium poached eggs on English muffins with a delicious and slightly tangy prosecco hollandaise. Cradling the eggs are crisp baby spinach and creamy avocado. The magic of this particular dish is in the semi-dried tomato pesto that tops it off, lending a tangy zip to cut through the rich sauce and avocado. It’s really very delicious with a side of chunky potatoes and a small bed of mixed greens and apple slices with a bright vinaigrette. . 

If you’re really hungry, treat yourself to the Canadian, eh?breakfast poutine. On a bed of those delicious potatoes, you’ll find maple bacon, a fried egg, and maple sausage topped with zesty prosecco hollandaise and cheddar cheese curds...a lot of cheddar cheese curds. This is the perfect breakfast to fuel a day in the mountains or to nurse a hangover - either way, you won’t be hungry until dinner. 

While the breakfasts are the so-called “bread and butter” of the Graze menu, the team is pretty excited about the weekly specials they’ve started offering for dinner. Of particular interest is the Monday-night curry special that really lets the Indian-born chef team shine. Launched in October, the special offers chicken, beef or vegetarian curry on rice for $13.95. You can also add naan bread to sop up the sauce.  

No matter what time of day you visit, you’ll be charmed by the eclectic decor which combines rustic and modern esthetics to create a unique space with lots to look at while you’re enjoying your own graze. 

Visit Graze from 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. daily. 


Camie Leard

Camie has a passion for music, food and the people who make them. A lifelong Calgarian, Camie brings 20+ years of experience telling stories about the area as an editor, communications professional and blogger. In her spare time, Camie is a painter and musician who is always looking for the next great meal.