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Mii Sushi

A taste of Japan and Korea!
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If you are looking for variety, Mii Sushi does not disappoint. The family owned business, located on Bow Valley Trail, has been in Canmore since 2014. With a huge menu ranging from sushi to sizzling hot stone Bibimbap, Mii Sushi certainly does deliver “a taste of Japan and Korea.” With spacious tables and big booths, Mii Sushi is a perfect place to hang with your large family filled with picky eaters. There is a little something for everyone on the menu at Mii. 

On the Japan side of the menu, Mii Sushi has all the classics – sashimi, nigiri sushi, rolls, tempura and appetizers like an array of tempura, takoyaki as well as meat and vegan gyoza. They also offer an assortment of noodle soups like tonkotsu ramen and chicken udon. If soup isn't your thing, they also offer other noodle dishes like yakisoba. Yet, their bento boxes are a favourite amongst the lunch and dinner crowd.

For the Korean side of the menu, Mii Sushi brings the heat with their Boodaejjigae (spicy hot pot), whereas their Bul Go Gi and LA Gal Bi are for those with a milder tongue. Last but not least, their Bibimbap has been a Bow Valley go-to for anyone craving this traditional Korean dish. Yes, you can get Bibimbap to-go, but we highly recommend dining in to get the full stone bowl effect. 

However, we think the brilliance of Mii Sushi is the ability to mix it up. With the sushi & BBQ combo platters, two to three people can enjoy miso soup, smoked salmon salad, assorted tempura, an assorted sushi cruise (with sashimi, nigiri and rolls) and either Bul Go Gi or Spicy Pan-Fried Pork, Chicken or Squid. 

Whether you are in the mood for just a few pieces of sushi or family style Korean BBQ, Mii Sushi has got you covered. Also you can’t beat Mii Sushi’s service, no matter where you are from, you will be treated like an old family friend.