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Side Dough

Crazyweed's new hustle

There is an old saying that variety is the spice of life, but in the case of Side Dough, Crazyweed’s new hustle – variety is the slice of life.

Side Dough is the brainchild of Crazyweed’s chef Eden Hrabec. Born a bit out of boredom and a need to make more income, Hrabec has turned up the heat (literally firing up the pizza oven) to bring new options, including vegan pies. We haven’t tried the new pizzas, but if they taste anything like the Crazyweed’s delectable menu, we are stoked!

Here is what we learned about Side Dough!

image0Photo by Side Dough

51 North: Do your landlords know that you are doing this Side Dough?

Side Dough: We've been granted a temporary tenancy within the Crazyweed Kitchen. We can't wait to light up the beautiful wood-fired oven after it's dormancy over the lengthy pandemic. As part of our tenancy agreement, you may find a few pizzas our landlords just can't let go.

51: How many different pizzas will you have?

SD: We've stacked our menu with six stellar pizzas, something we hope to suit every pizza lovers palate. We will always keep half our selection vegetarian with option of a vegan cheese substitute. We plan to have features every week. Hours of operation will begin with Friday to Sunday from 3 p.m. until we sell out.

51: Can you tell us a little bit about your dough?

SD: We're just here to make dough on the side.

51: We heard you have sauces? Can you tell us about them?

SD: Yes! The Side Dough trifecta – doughs, drinks, dips! Our dips include garlic aioli, truffle honey, creamy tomatillo ranch, tequila parmesan, buttermilk blue cheese, goddess (vegan), bow grizzly hot sauce (from Bow Valley BBQ/ our favourite local sauce boss!)

51: What are the prices and are there any special instructions for ordering?

SD: Price ranges from $22-24 for 12-inch wood-fired pizza. If you're looking to order, we are currently taking over the Crazyweed phone at 403-609-2530 for take-out only. If you're looking for our product code for 10 per cent off your dough, just try using the side “dough” wink, wink!

51: Anything else?

SD: We have a small drinks list, a selection of local craft beers mix & match, our mini wine list consists of one white, one rose, one red, very affordable and pair well with our doughs.