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The Radiant is back in action

Our favourite performers and their favourite drinks

After a year of stop and start shut downs, The Radiant restaurant, lounge and stage is open.


Tucked inside the Harmons’ Building on Banff Avenue, The Radiant is the Bow Valley’s most inclusive performance venue and eatery. Adorned with “art deco ideas” and “Victorian sensibilities,” this audaciously smart space melts styles to create chic and truly unique 21st century vibes.  

Besides having one of the most happening interiors in Banff, they also have great food and some kickass cocktails and mocktails. But what truly sets The Radiant apart from other venues and restaurants, are their performances featuring entertainers from the Cabaret Calgary. 

To celebrate the triumphant return of The Radiant’s stage, we asked some of the stars of the show to tell us a little about their performance and what they are most excited about coming back. And, of course, what their favourite drink is. 

Karla MarxKarla Marx. By Cabaret Calgary

Karla Marx

I love to look beautiful and then do outrageous things on stage. You can find me living in the back office of the Radiant because I actually never leave! Chances are on most Friday nights you'll find me with the mic in hand. 

I can't wait to return to live performing to build vibrant, fun, inclusive spaces again!

My favourite drink: Maple Basil Lemonade. Perfect on its own as a mocktail or goes great with a splash of vodka! 

Bitch SassidyBitch Sassidy. By Cabaret Calgary

Bitch Sassidy

I'm the rootin' tootin' Bitch of Burlesque, and baby, I'm ready to come back this July to make you sweat. The new numbers I've been working on since we've been apart will make you roar! You know I love it when you whistle my way.

My favourite drink: I'm a sucker for a good Ol' Fashioned, so send one my way and make a girl smile.


Bea LisiaBea Lissima. Bea Lissima image by Citrus Photo


Bea Lissima

Excited to return for the stage, crowd, and the food. 

Sultry, silly, and often rock n roll; Bea’s performances are often known for her intensity and her butt.

My favourite drink: Maple Basil Lemonade.

ivy la FleurIvy la Fleur. By Cabaret Calgary & The Radiant

Ivy la Fleur

I’m Ivy la Fleur! Anytime you catch one of my performances, you are guaranteed to be met with playfulness and flirtatiousness.

I’m also a sucker for a classic bump n’ grind dancing to the blues. If you’re lucky, you might also catch me incorporating singing into my striptease!

You can catch me at The Radiant on July 30 & August 27.

I’m so excited to be returning to the stage so I can experience the unique and special energy exchange that happens between audience members and the performer. There is nothing like it. I’ve missed it dearly.

My favourite drink: ‘On A Toot’ cocktail. Anytime I’m at The Radiant, I love treating myself to the ‘On A Toot’ cocktail. Any cocktail that is topped with bubbles holds a special place in my heart. 

Danya HartDanya Hart. By Cabaret Calgary & The Radiant

Dayna Hart

I can’t wait for COVID to be over and perform drag at The Radiant! Going all out on the stage and making the crowd go crazy and having a good time over all!

My favourite drink: The Peggy Lee

Argintina Hailey-DiorArgintina Hailey-Dior. By Cabaret Calgary & The Radiant

Argintina Hailey-Dior

My drag performance art is that of an old school type of drag, but I do dabble in the modern day drag! 

I miss the audience and sharing the stage with my fellow performers. I plan to visit The Radiant sometime in July for a nice brunch.

My favourite drink: The Mrs. C's G&T

MisoSour-2Miss Randi Lee. By Cabaret Calgary & The Radiant

Miss Randi Lee

I describe my performances as classically inspired contemporary burlesque. I love the glamour and tradition of it, but I also like to play with concepts that are a bit strange or have pop culture references. 

I am bursting with excitement to have that feeling again that you can only get from being in front of a live audience. The energy, the connection, the joy!

My favourite drink: Miso Sour 

Chi ChiChi Chi. By Cabaret Calgary & The Radiant


I have been performing as ChiChi for the past 15 years, but have been on stage for 25. This has been the longest break from the stage since I started performing in the 90’s. I can’t wait to get back on stage and especially see my Banff family.

My favourite drink: The Doll Face and of course, straight whisky!

Anne XietyAnne Xiety. By Cabaret Calgary & The Radiant

Anne Xiety

Anne Xiety is the giant somersaulting clown princess of Calgary. You can catch her and all her goopery and ‘gaggery’ at The Radiant on July 23! She's excited to experience the serotonin rush of a screaming audience.

My favourite drink: Whatever her ‘fanxieties’ are buying for her


Lilith FairLilith Fair. By Cabaret Calgary

Lilith Fair

Lilith Fair is an award winning comedienne, playwright, actress and aspiring filmmaker. Currently she is not booked at The Radiant, but can't wait to return to the incredible Banff audiences!


Alexic Meier . By Cabaret Calgary


Alexis Meier

My performance is very personal to me, and I think that’s what makes it special to the audience. I’m a singer-songwriter and I sing all of my own original songs on stage. I’m thrilled to perform at The Radiant on July 30! A little energy from the audience goes a long way for me!

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