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We Rise: The Blends of the Bow Valley

Author Britt Burr jives with the local java

Each autumn we wake, some slowly, some abruptly. We awake to find dew-covered lawns, frosty windshields or a (still, somehow) unexpected dump of snow. Rocky Mountain air fills our lungs, cold and quenching like ice water. Our morning rituals begin. For some, they involve lacing up running shoes or hiking boots or grabbing a book and a blanket; for others, it’s packing lunches and finding vibrant little gumboots in the crowded coat closet. For most, those rituals include a hot cup of coffee.

We rise. Blistered heels, achy bones, songbirds singing, alpenglow.

We blink the sleep from our eyes, breathe crisp alpine air in through the nose.

From homebodies to restless wanderers, we rise together, a new day upon us.

Water boils above burners and flames, beans ground down to soil, our lucidity reclaimed.

Cups clutched between hands of movers and makers, we rise to explore, for it’s in our nature.

This valley is home to fires of passion that are stoked every sunrise to our satisfaction.

Full-bodied and bold, or sweet and inviting — a new day, a blank page, endless ink for the writing.

The mountains attract athletes, artists, entrepreneurs and fresh-starters. We are blessed with an array of local businesses who feed us, adorn us, entertain us and more. Within the Bow Valley are located three phenomenal local coffee roasters who fill our cups and energize our adventures, no matter what they may be.

Thousands of feet walk this terrain each day,

On pavement and soil we each find our way.

We’re fuelled by creations from our local vendors,

Here in the Valley there are three strong contenders.

Eclipse brings us Boundless, blended with care; notes of chocolate and walnut drift into the air.

Banff Roasting Co. pays tribute to Peyto with a lively creation both strong and playful.

Mountain Blends makes a Black Bear brew that’s strong yet inviting for a morning anew.


There is no need to look beyond the Bow Valley for delicious, bold flavours to welcome each day. Eclipse Coffee Roasters has two locations in Canmore where they pour and sell high-end roasts, carefully sourced to be used in blends, as well as incredible single-origin coffees from around the globe.

Banff Roasting Company approaches their roasting just as the pioneers did. Freshly roasted and infused with Rocky Mountain air, these intentional roasts have powered countless journeys in the Rockies.

Mountain Blends Coffee Roasters roasts small-batch coffee with an array of origins in order to bring the gourmet coffee experience to the Bow Valley.