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"Shop Local" Bow Valley gift ideas for Mother's Day

We think mom will like these!
Yeah mom

Moms have had a rough year – more so than most. The pandemic has put many families around the world in some really hard positions of having to manage child care and work. For older generations, due to travel restrictions and the need to stay safe, some moms and grandmothers haven’t seen their “babies” in a long time. 

We know you already are aware of this, you are living it. So here are some “shop local” ideas to give mom a gift this Mother’s Day. 

IMG_0497    Bow Valley Garden Centre

Bow Valley Garden Centre 

Bow Valley Garden Centre just got the “mother load” of annuals – everything from Osteospermum Zion Purple Suns (seen in photo) to herbs. They also have some succulents and other gorgeous house plants, like fig trees. 

IMG_0481Cafe Books

Cafe Books

Who doesn’t like books, especially from Canmore’s independent bookstore? Cafe Books has mom covered – from local authors, to best sellers and new releases. They also have a Mother’s Day section especially curated for mom. 

image Branches


Branches, located in The Cascade Shops in Banff has some lovely handmade baskets by a mother-daughter team. Branches also carries a slew of other locally made pottery/ceramics, candles, skin care products for home spas along with mountain inspired jewelry and art work. 

10St_0048 Back At It Wellness

Back At It Massage

Giving the gift of a massage is a really nice way to say thank you or I love you for any occasion – because massages are awesome. Back At It Wellness also offers other services such as naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and most recently, B-12 shots. 

Monod's Storefront    Monods. By Monods


For the “adventurous mom,” we are pretty sure anything from Monods would do! The store staff picked out three gifts they think moms would be into this year – Arc’teryx Atom SL Anorak, Norrøna half zip or a durable Yeti 14 ounce rambler mug!


sideshow_Mothers_day_gifts Sideshow Gallery


Sideshow Gallery has some of the most unique assortment of small gifts like Tarot Decks, Fern & Flower soap and adorable stickers, but they also offer darkroom sessions and fine framed photography. 

IMG_0524Stratton's Jewellery

Stratton’s Jewellery 

Higher end jewelry isn’t a traditional Mother’s Day gift, but 2021 isn’t a typical year, so… Stratton’s Jewellery carries a number of brands from logical designers like Doug Bell to Birks. They also are the only shop in the area to carry Coeur de Lion a playful German brand that fit a Mother’s Day budget better.  

Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 2.39.25 PM Kake By Darci

Kake by Darci

Instead of trying to make mom a fancy cake at home and possibly making a big mess, we strongly suggest getting mom a “Kake” by Darci. Darci can make a variety of sweet treats that are bound to make mom smile. Pro tip – Darci is in high demand, so make sure to order soon. 

IMG_0472  Crazyweed. By Crazyweed


Crazyweed is having a fantastic wine sale along with various snacks and canned pickled delights! And, of course you could get mom some take out or get her a gift card from Crazyweed, or any number of other great restaurants in the area.

IMG_0422An Edible Life

An Edible Life

The Canmore based shop that makes healthy pre-made meals has a great selection of dishes we think mom would enjoy. An Edible Life is also making special Mother’s Day “treats” like this Salted Chocolate Mousse Cake. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 12.04.37 PMCabin 108

Cabin 108 

Looking for something cute and simple? Try Cabin 108, they have loads of fun items that say “hey mom, I love you.”