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Recent bear incident at Spray West Campground

A message from our friends at Alberta Parks
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Not good.

A bear warning is in effect for Spray Lakes West Campground. On July 10, a black bear entered a campsite while it was occupied by campers and consumed food that was on a picnic table. The campers were able to retreat to their vehicle safely. Alberta Parks is asking all parks visitors and campers to be extra vigilant in securing their food and other items that attract bears, even when people are still at their campsite or picnic area.

If a bear approaches or enters your campground:

·         Stay calm

·         Keep your group together

·         Prepare to use your bear spray

·         Yell and make yourself appear larger, wave your arms and/or sound your vehicle’s horn

·         If bear does not retreat, grab your food and any items that attract bears (if it is safe to do so), slowly back away and retreat to your vehicle

·         Do not run

Report the incident to the campground staff or Kananaskis Emergency Services (403-591-7755). If it is an emergency and you have cell reception, call 911. 

It’s bear season, so please be BearSmart:

·         Never leave food or items that attract bears unsecured or unattended - not even for a few minutes.

·         If you are cooking a meal, put your items back to a secure location as you finish using them.

·         Store food and attractants (dishes, utensils, drink bottles, stove/grill, pet food & bowls, sunscreen, toothpaste, lip balm etc.) inside your vehicle or another    hard-sided structure. Failure to properly secure food and attractants can result in fines.

·         If you are bike camping and do not have a vehicle, place food and attractants in a bear locker.

·         Do not keep or bring attractants into your tent. 

·         Do not dispose of food waste in your fire pit.

·         Use the bear bins to dispose of garbage and recyclables.

·         Keep your pet leashed at all times. 

·         Check local wildlife advisories and pay attention to site bear warnings. 


madhu-madhavan-Em4k0iMCnNk-unsplash By Madhu Madhavan


To avoid a surprise encounter with a bear on the trails:

·         Make plenty of noise and travel in groups.

·         Be aware of your surroundings: Look and listen for bears and their signs.

·         Always keep your pet on a leash.

·         Carry bear spray. Make sure it’s easily accessible, and that you know how to use it. 

·         Learn more about bear safety on and WildSmart.