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Fire Bans, bears and more

As someone once said, "It is as dry as a popcorn fart."

We still have nine days left in July, but we have already had smokey lungs for weeks.

Between the extreme heat we had earlier and the dry conditions, fire hazard is extreme again. 

As someone once said, "It is as dry as a popcorn fart out there."

The wind does not help things either. 

This is a friendly reminder to please follow all fire bans, like the new one in Banff National Park and the active fire bans in Alberta parks. Fire crews are working hard and we need to do our part to not start any fires.

There is also an air quality alert for Banff. We are grateful to Silvie Fojtik, fire crew member in Banff, for sharing her photos of a recent fire her and other personnel were "actioning" in Kootenay National Park. You can follow Fojtik here.

222237007_3056733857889363_3010242157086715105_n By Silvie Fojtik
A fire ban has been issued for Banff, Yoho and Kootenay national parks due to elevated fire danger.

Lighting or maintaining fires in these areas is now strictly prohibited. The fire ban will be lifted as soon as conditions permit. 

Report any wildfires, illegal campfires, or suspicious smoke to Parks Canada Dispatch 403-762-4506.

Learn more here.

You might have noticed the buffalo berries are out, which means the bears will soon be eating them. Now is the time to be extra careful to minimize the chance of an encounter with a bear.

To learn more about bear advisories and fire bans in Alberta parks, visit their advisories page here.

As always, you can visit our "Before you go" pages for Banff, Lake Louise and Kananaskis

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Stay safe and have fun! 

XOXO 51°