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Recent thefts of skis, snowboards serve as reminders to keep an eye on equipment

Police Brief: RCMP remind public to keep skis and boards in view when leaving them unattended
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Whistler police are reminding the public to keep an eye on their gear after two recent thefts of skis and boards.

Whistler RCMP responded to two separate calls regarding missing ski and snowboard gear earlier this month. 

First, at around 9 a.m. on Dec. 6, police were alerted to a stolen snowboard. The complainant reported that they had left their 2021 Jones Ultra Mind Expander board in the ski racks at the top of the mountain. 

Then, two days later at approximately 4 p.m., RCMP responded to another report of skis stolen after being left outside in the 4500 block of Blackcomb Way. Police discovered that theft occurred at approximately 11 p.m. 10 days earlier, on Nov. 28. RCMP reviewed CCTV footage and is currently attempting to identify the suspect.

Following these events, Whistler RCMP is reminding locals and visitors to try and keep skis or snowboards in view when leaving equipment unattended. “Purchasing a small $20-dollar cable lock is inexpensive, easy to carry, and works well to deter theft,” police explained in a release.