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Summertime shine

Happy almost weekend!

Happy almost weekend everyone! 

We hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather – it's still rather hot for this time of year. Banff National Park’s fire danger is moderate, however, that can always change quickly. So it is always best to familiarize yourself with best practices regarding fires. You can check out the Town of Banff’s evacuation guide below.


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Like the old saying goes “sun’s out, masks off” – oh wait, no one actually has or ever said that – but the sun is out and the masks are off!  

Both Canmore and Banff have officially lifted their masks laws. Although some businesses will be asking people to still wear masks – something they have the right to ask on private property. Of course, places like hospitals and medical offices are still “masking.” It is advised to bring your mask when you are visiting the Bow Valley, even if you don’t end up using it. 

One of the places where masking is still mandatory, is on public transport. Speaking of Roam – did you know that Roam is free in Canmore? Yup! Check out Roam below.


Whatever you do this weekend and wherever you go, stay safe and have fun!

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